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Character Design for my entry into the Macmillan Children’s Book Award


Why is it that people think its ok to thieve? To steal ones property, memories and potentially a part of their livelihood?

This morning I was relieved of £1300 worth of camera equipment, whilst quietly minding my own business, eating breakfast and reading the paper at around about a quarter to eight this morning.

I have never stolen from anyone, destroyed anyone’s memories or removed the wherewithals for someone to carry out someone’s livelihood from them, so why is it ok for someone to do that to me? According to the initial reaction i got from the police this is a ‘part of life’, and this is something (having being brought up with morals) I cannot comprehend.

It’s not just what I have lost in monetary value, but the memories and irreplaceable photos that I have taken not only with my partner, but for friends as well, it’s a part of me that has been ripped away in an unwanted fashion.

So to all who read this, I warn you, watch your bags and your valuables, even when you think you are safe and ok, I have eaten breakfast with many bags many times I the Victoria food hall yet this one time my guard was down and I have lost in more ways than financially.

Thanks to all that read and I hope this prevents this happening to anyone else.


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